Striving Acres proudly announces…

9.24.2015 birth announcement

Striving Acres proudly announces Bindi

born September 22, 2015 at 4:56 p.m., @ 45 lbs

After much back and forth discussion, Ted and I finally settled on the name Bindi as a tribute to the late and great Steve Irwin (1962 – 2006).  He was an animal lover, a wildlife expert, a conservationist, and he was fully passionate about all forms of life.  He named his own daughter Bindi, a word from the southern Australian Aboriginal Pitjandtjara language meaning “awakening”.

We cannot think of a better name for our little Bindi because that is indeed what she is for us: an awakening.  Seeing her birth and seeing how Bessie, and now Beef, react to her, care for her, and love her goes beyond anything we ever imagined.  Our little Bindi’s birth has renewed our commitment to run an ethical and humane farm for all of the animals here.

We will never be wealthy by society’s standards because of the affirmation to live by this commitment, but in the ways that matter, we are rich beyond belief to simply be part of the circle of life and to perhaps inspire others to realize that you, too, can live this wonderful life-altering dream.

Little farm boy

This little farmer stacked hay bales, built a hay “house”, helped fill the water tank, decided to dig a hole, decided it wasn’t a good idea to dig a hole in gravel so filled the little divet back in, and went to Tractor Supply and chatted up the cashier.  The only thing he wouldn’t do was shovel out the pig poop from the trailer because “that’s just too gross!” LOL

We did it!

It was time…we had to trade off the old trailer.  It just wasn’t going to to meet our needs any longer.

We bought this beautiful new 16′ Corn Pro to meet the growing needs of our farm, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience at Lance’s Trailer Sales in Athens, Ohio!  If you need a new trailer, we highly recommend them!

Chicken hawks!

I was heading to town at lunch the other day and noticed the chickens were all grouped inside the covered run.  The rooster was crowing every so often, and he was keeping the hens behind him.

Suddenly, a heavy shadow broke from the trees and drug across the chicken run like fingernails on a chalkboard!  It was a chicken hawk, and it was prowling about for a tasty poultry meal!

I was glad to see that the white rooster protected the flock. He would puff his chest out and screech at the top of his little lungs every time that shadow was where he could see it.  No chickens were lost because of his due diligence, and the hawk soon moved on to the big pasture to hunt for field mice.

Fixing the trailer

Finding the tires that were the right size for our little pig trailer was an absolute nightmare! Ted had to hunt for them all over the place, and he finally found them about an hour from here.

 Then he had to find the bolts and the nuts because he was missing some. He ended up finding those about five hours from here and ordering them online. Because they were so heavy, the shipping cost twice what the actual bolts and nuts cost. They arrived this past Saturday, and in between burning the burn pile, he fixed the tires on the trailer.  The trailer is operational again!